Jimmy Fallon

Pray that Jimmy Fallon has a powerful encounter with Jesus!

I loved seeing this about Jimmy on Wikipedia:

Fallon is a Roman Catholic. Fallon told the National Public Radio: “I just, I loved the church. I loved the idea of it. I loved the smell of the incense. I loved the feeling you get when you left church. I loved like how this priest can make people feel this good. I just thought it was – I loved the whole idea of it.”[67][68][69]

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The rules are simple: Pray fervently with conviction and with a heart of love. This isn’t the place for rebukes or pointing out issues. We want to encourage them and prophesy life!

My prayer:

God, thank you for Jimmy Fallon! You have gifted him brilliantly and his tender heart is evident. I pray you would move in his life in remarkable fashion. Reveal yourself in an absolutely undeniable way. Reveal to him the magnificence of your presence.

May his life impact millions as they watch him grow deeply in love with you. Bless him greatly and bring people across his path to impact his life in Jesus.


Photo credit: “Jimmy Fallon (1 of 1)” by martinalonso4895 is licensed under CC BY 2.0