Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

Imagine what a divine encounter with Jesus would do for Nancy and our nation.

I believe Nancy Pelosi can have a dramatic visitation with the lover of her soul. Let’s contend for her soul. The enemy desires nothing less than absolute destruction of all who don’t know Christ in a deeply intimate, personal manner. We need to push back the enemy and fight for Nancy!

Please leave a text or audio prayer for Nancy below. Please ensure your intercession is life-giving, heart-felt and avoids any sense of correction or rebuke. We want Nancy to be powerfully blessed!

My prayer:

In the mighty name of Jesus I am going to battle for Nancy Pelosi. God I ask that you would move on Nancy’s heart in a

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The Slam Dunk Answer to the Insanity of 2020

Prayer Team

Why are so few talking about the one solution to the crisis and the chaos that can turn our nation?

As the never-ending election drama continues to play out, we are hearing from all sides a mix of opinions, solutions, emotions and irritations.

Those on the right are exhibiting passion at a level our nation has never seen. The clear and obvious answer to society’s ills is the reelection of their man, Donald Trump.

The left has gone to great extents to protect our nation from the continued threat of mean tweets from the President. Their vision of a nation free from first amendment tyranny is within their grasp.


Like many of you, I feel so grieved, perplexed and …

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