The Slam Dunk Answer to the Insanity of 2020

Prayer Team

Why are so few talking about the one solution to the crisis and the chaos that can turn our nation?

As the never-ending election drama continues to play out, we are hearing from all sides a mix of opinions, solutions, emotions and irritations.

Those on the right are exhibiting passion at a level our nation has never seen. The clear and obvious answer to society’s ills is the reelection of their man, Donald Trump.

The left has gone to great extents to protect our nation from the continued threat of mean tweets from the President. Their vision of a nation free from first amendment tyranny is within their grasp.


Like many of you, I feel so grieved, perplexed and …

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Contend for AOC to have an indisputable encounter with Jesus.

The recording limit for posting intercession has been raised from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. I want to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to shift the atmosphere around influencers through your prayer.

The rule is simple: make the prayer powerful, authentic and encouraging. This isn’t the place to preach or to voice correction or rebuke. We want those who are influencing culture to know we love them, that God loves them and that we are going to battle for them.


Father, I ask that you release angels to surround Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I pray the invisible, supernatural battle that surrounds AOC results in an undeniable encounter with Jesus. We rebuke demonic …

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