Brian G. Johnson

Pray for Brian G. Johnson, a social media influencer

Most of you may not have heard of YouTuber Brian G. Johnson, but there are many who appreciate his leadership in the YouTube universe.

God put Brian on my heart today and I’d like to invite you to join with me in intercession.

You can learn more about Brian here:

Brian is impacting thousands of people each week through his books and his social media presence, specifically on his extremely popular YouTube channel.

Here is some additional info about Brian from his Amazon author page:

About Brian G. Johnson

Well hello and welcome to my author page at Amazon! My name is Brian G. Johnson, I’m a serial entrepreneur, #1 bestselling author, engaging speaker, product developer, poodle wrangler and an all around good guy.

For more than a decade my Internet marketing blueprints and formulas have allowed me to make a very comfortable living by earning far beyond seven figures. I’ve been a successful affiliate marketer, have generated well over six figures with the AdSense program, have sold hundreds of thousands of domain names and earn monthly royalty payments from Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) program.

I am, however, most proud for having made a positive impact on thousands of people by sharing my strategies and tactics since 2008.

The path has not always been smooth, as I’ve tried and failed many time along the way. Nevertheless, I continued to press forward and have ultimately achieved some great results by testing, tweaking and fearlessly taking action that led to the success I enjoy today.

You can find my marketing blog at:

Now I look forward to hearing about your
success in the very near future.


Brian G. Johnson
People DO NOT fail at internet marketing,
they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.


Lord Jesus I ask that you move mightily in Brian’s life today. Make yourself known in an overwhelming, undeniable way. Shock him with your love and power and give him a glimpse of your immeasurable glory.
I thank you for Brian’s life and his leadership for thousands of people. I pray you touch his heart, cause him to rejoice and just blow his mind with your goodness.


Leave a 30 second audio prayer and/or a prayer in text form for Brian.
As always, please ensure your prayer is uplifting, encouraging and driven by the heart of God.